Stronger than your mind Academy

Are you sick of feeling…


Can’t get where you want in your business because of the symptoms of your mental illness? But can’t tackle the symptoms of your mental illness because you’re so busy trying to make a success of your business?


Never feeling satisfied or happy? Happiness if it does occur is quickly followed by a fear that the numbness and the intense sadness will soon return. It means you simply exist in your life and in your business. Not knowing how to feel. 


Sick of feeling like you are letting yourself, your family and your business down? You spend hundreds on courses for strategy, sales, business development but nothings worked. Now you just feel guilty for all the money you’ve ‘wasted’.


Sick of being scared of your thoughts, your anxiety and plagued by nightmares. Scared to even put your head on the pillow at night because you know it will set off your overthinking? Your intrusive thoughts scare you that much you now hate who you think you are and what you think others think of you. 

Ready to feel SAFE?

S tronger than your mind

A ccepted by yourself

F it, mentally

E mpowered to be emotionally independent

I am a mental fitness mentor and I help people who are out of crisis point because lets face it, I have a Peugeot 3008 not an ambulance so I can’t offer you the support you would need at crisis point.

But what I will do is attack the day to day symptoms of mental illnesses that are left behind after crisis point or that lead to crisis point if not treated. 

I will target them like a serial killer targets its victims because after all I am statistically the most likely person in groups to be the ‘serial killer’ due to my Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

Are you ready to take supportive action. Discovering the tools and strategies you need so you can gain control of your moods and emotions. So you can feel accepted by yourself and live a confident life that you are in control of and feel emotionally independent in. Allowing you to finally thrive in life and in business.

Stronger Than Your Mind Academy

A mixture of group support and self-study, giving you the tools and skills to feel stronger than your mind. 

It is built upon my five crucial pillars that empower you to become emotionally independent so you can take control of your moods and emotions.

You can progress at your own pace, all the while knowing that you have the unwavering support of the group and myself. With daily tasks, weekly group calls and monthly guest experts there is more than just tools and strategies. It is where you connect with those who truly understand you, because they relate and are just like you too, while learning to understand yourself on a level like never before.

Is it for you?

If you are ready to finally move the pink elephants out of your way then this Academy is for you! Want to know what the fuck I am on about when it comes to pink elephants and if you have any in your life?

Well, we all have heard of the elephant in the room right? Something we all know is there but don’t talk about. The pink elephant is the day to day symptoms of our mental health / illness that we try to pretend are not there. Relate? Ever said ‘Im fine’ ‘I can do this’ as you are trying deseperately hard to do something others would view as simple? This is your pink elephant. It isn’t going anywhere. You can try tell it to move and pretend it isn’t there all you like. But untel you actually face it, make friends with it and tame the fucker, it will always be there. You can read a bit more about pink elephants, what they look like etc here in my blog. But for now if you are relating to this and are ready to start to tame your pink elephants, then this acadey is for you.

You ready for it?

Ready to finally stop just existing and start living, so that you can finally scale your business to where it deserves to be and has the impact it has been destined to make on this world. All while you feel emotionally independent and in control of your moods and emotions so you can stop hiding behind your business and show up in your personal life too? 

5 Pillars Of The

Stronger Than Your Mind Academy

Accepting Your Mind


  • Struggling to find that off switch.
  • Know your mental health isn’t right.
  • No control over your mind.
  • Worrying how your moods are affecting your business and those close to you.
  • Personal hygiene has become a thing of the past, never mind self care. You hate who you are and don’t even think about self love.
  • Feel alone and want to be part of a reassuring like minded community to finally feel understood and not feel judged.
  • Desperate to feel confident, worthy and to be in control of your mind.

Milestone You Reach When Completed The Pillar 

I’m accepting of who I am and how I feel about myself.  I accept all of me even the bad, the ugly and the flipping weird parts of me. I now know how and what I want to work on to improve so I can feel confident and in control of my life.

Understanding Your Mind


  • You don’t want to just ‘exist’ anymore.
  • Tired of feeling low all the time & putting so much pressure on yourself.
  • Want your own validation to be good enough.
  • Time to recognise unwanted and unhelpful thought patterns.
  • To be aware of your warning signs and your micro warning signs too so you can fully understand them.
  • Learning how and why you react in the ways you do to your triggers and to your moods and emotions.
  • You have begun to accept who you are and maybe even past trauma. But are left feeling angry, hurt and overwhelmed by it all.
  • You want to learn why you have intrusive thoughts and how to stop them.
  • You are sick of set backs keeping you where you are at in your life and business. Want to learn how to understand yourself more so you can take more control of your setbacks. 

Milestone You Reach When Completed The Pillar 

I have learned my warning signs and understand my reactions. I also understand my intrusive thoughts and am starting to understand how I can manage them. I understand myself more then ever before and it is now helping those close to me to better understand me too. I finally feel like I ‘get me’. 

Reset Your Mind


  • Feel out of depth, knowing there is a lot to change now you’re ready to live life for you. But how and where do you make those changes?
  • Starting to drop the denial bull shit you have been telling yourself but now need to start putting actions in place to change how you automatically behave and respond to things. 
  • You know your triggers but now want to stop them controlling you.
  • You feel more self-aware now but want to improve how you speak to yourself work on implementing boundaries with yourself as well as those close to you. 
  • Are more open with those around you now, but want to build on making these relationships more stable.
  • Recognise now where and why things need to change but need to actually implement it.

Milestone You Reach When Completed The Pillar 

I am feeling confident and starting to feel emotionally independent. I feel ready to live life knowing what tools and strategies I need to implement. Taking actions where needed. Now I just need to work out how to change old behaviours and automatic reactions.

Condition Your Mind


  • You’ve built up a wealth of tools and strategies to help with your mental health. Feel great but want to make sure it lasts as you have felt this before and then lost it.
  • Ready to learn daily, weekly and monthly things that will help you to rinse and repeat all you have learned so that you can truly become the strongest version of you ever.
  • Recognising that you only use the tools after a trigger or you are struggling. Then it feels like you have taken 10 steps and want to stop that from keep happening. Taking control before triggers even happen so you feel empowered to handle them.
  • You want to go deeper with your new found self worth you now want to love who you are not just appreciate and accept you.
  • Feel ready to create routines to help you consistently stay in control of your moods and emotions.

Milestone You Reach When Completed The Pillar

I feel confident & in control of set backs. I play an active role in group things and feel a valued member of the academy. I love who I am and I am confident about my future as an emotionally independent and mentally strong person. I now have plans in place; daily, weekly, monthly and yearly to play a pro active approach to maintaining my new found level of mental fitness.

Stronger Than Your Mind


  • Feeling confident about your future and recognise how far you have come.
  • Feel accepting of yourself
  • Feel understanding of yourself.
  • Recognise that working on yourself is about perseverance  to maintain mental stability.
  • You carry yourself with your head held high, confident in who you are.
  • You are showing up more than ever before in your life.
  • You show up confident and assertive in your business and it is scaling like never before.
  • You want to continue to build on the foundations you’ve laid knowing your new strength and worth.
  • You are in control of your moods and emotions and are committed to persevere consistently working on the foundations and digging deeper each time. Knowing that the group support, non judgemental space and deep understanding is crucial to this.

Milestone You Reach When Completed The Pillar 

I am confident and loving living life as an emotionally independent person. I am in control of my moods and emotions, most of the time. I am also ok with knowing sometimes things will feel intense but I will deal with them way better than ever before because now I have the tools and strategies in place. I am an active and valued part of a supportive like minded community where I feel accepted and able to lean into when need. I realise I will have more layers to find and work through as new levels are unlocked and I am ready for it. I have found my voice again, and feel  stronger than I ever have. I am stronger than my mind.

Butterfly or Butterfly VIP?

I often refer to people I support as butterflies. I know every one seems to use butterflies at the min, but I believe the Stronger Than Your Mind Academy really is like a butterfly transformation. You begin as a caterpillar, feeling vulnerable, scared and at risk of prey taking the utter piss out of you in life and in your business. But when you cocoon in the Stronger Than Your Mind Academy you are able to morph into the confident butterfly you was always destined to be, flying high and feeling emotionally indpendent. 

Within the Stronger Than Your Mind Academy, I offer two plans: the Butterfly and the Butterfly VIP. The key distinction is that the VIP plan includes weekly one-on-one accountability sessions with me and half price access to the Stronger Than Your Mind Academy.

I’ll break them down a bit more to help you learn which is more suited to you. If you are not sure, pop me a message or you can book in a chat with me here.


This plan gets you access to my five-stage program. Plus, you’ll become a part of the Butterflies Facebook support group—a vibrant community of like-minded people who support each other to becoming stronger than our own minds.

Within this community, you’ll find lots of opportunities to ask questions and seek additional support from myself and fellow butterflies. We have daily posts such as accountability, check ins, as well as weekly live Q&A sessions and monthly guest speakers.

Within the Academy you also get access to my Stronger Than Your Mind – The Workshop a transformative 4-day workshop and we will lay the essential foundations you need in order to progress into the Stronger Than Your Mind Academy.

For £46 per month, you’ll gain access to:

  • The Stronger Than Your Mind Academy
  • Butterflies Facebook community group
  • Live weekly Q&As in the Facebook group
  • Live Weekly group check in calls
  • Monthly group workshop calls
  • Guest experts
  • Minimum of 3 month subscription, can cancel anytime after that.
  • Includes access to my Stronger Than Your Mind – The Workshop

£46 per month


VIP Butterfly

You’re determined to take full control of your moods and emotions, but you’re seeking additional support—something that will help to hold you accountable and provide a touch of support too?

Lets face it, this shit is scary right? Diving in and working on your mental fitness. It can feel so daunting and so often we can sign up for things like this and then be too scared to actually log in and do the damn work.

Well not on my watch!

When you become a VIP butterfly I am going to sting like a bee so that you can fly like a butterfly.

Because as a VIPer you will get all the same as a butterfly PLUS you will also get weekly 45 min accountability calls with me. So there is no hiding and there is also an added dose of support on top of the weekly group check ins. Because this is your own personalised accountability call with me and we will keep you heading in the direction you want to be heading in, which is emotional independence right?

The VIP Butterfly plan offers the best of both worlds, combining the self-study materials from the Stronger Than Your Mind Academy with 12 weeks of accountability calls with me. You will get access to the Stronger Than Your Mind Academy for half price too.

This is a 3 month commitment to you for you and I can not wait to help make sure you do it and do it with my foot up your bum!

For £1,500 you’ll receive access for 12 weeks to:

  •  All the benefits of a butterfly at half price PLUS
  • 12 one to one 45 minute accountability calls with me

Then after 12 weeks you will pay £46 per month for your continued access to the Stronger Than Your Mind Academy.


– Payment plan available at checkout, £500 to pay today and then each month for the next 2 months 

– Payment in full will give you an extra month of half price access to the Academy



What my butterflies say

I came across Nicola on Facebook when I saw her post and answered ‘yes’ to so many questions. For both my mental and physical health – I knew I had to explore her futher. I am gald I did. Nicola is amazing, a true survivor and a warrior. She is supportive and inspiring but not afraid to kick butt when the sitation demands it. The other group members are wonderful; there is no judgment, it’s a safe place to be, and yes, it can be a funny place too. Mental and physical health don’t have to be 100% serious, as I’ve discovered. Thanks to her incredibly useful and honest online support guides, I know I can turn to Nicola or her virtual self for help 24/7. Stronger Than Your Mind is unique and that’s a good thing. It’s not sterlie, clinical, or ‘fluffy bunny’. It’s honest, it’s open, it’s warm and friendly. It’s serious, it’s funny, it’s light, and sometimes you’ll get a no-nonsense toe up your bottom if that’s what you need. If you think all support groups are the same, think again.

Ellen Hendren

The love and belief I have in what you do because of what you’ve done for me is immense. I don’t think you realise what you’ve done for me. You give me a second chance at life, to look at it with a new perspective.


After one to one sessions with Nicola as well as her workshop and the Stornger Than Your Mind Acdademy. I feel at peace. I recognise now, how strong that little girl I used to be, was. This has changed my lfie around. I feel strong and at peace.


On Tuesday I had the best 1:1 call with Nix as part of the Stronger Than Your Mind Acadmey! Nix has turned my life around over the ears and she still to this day amazes me how she supports me where I need. I had some things happen recently with friendships and stressful situations that brought up some old wounds for me and I was hurting more than I let on. On Tuesday Nic helped me revisit those old wounds and look at why I have handled things well and done the right things even when I have self doubt. She of course set me homework which is tough as hell but she just keeps showing me that with the right support and putting the work in I just keep smashing my goals and getting mentally fitter I can’t recommend her enough or the amazing academy she’s built! If anyone is suffering with their mental health and is ready to kick its butt she’s 100% the right woman to look for !! I owe her everything


The material that Nicola has created in the Academy is transofrmational. I’m feeling the benefits of it right now, I’m catching myself doing emotionally damaging things that I never even realised I was doing. I have a lot of work to do still, and with Nicola I am sure I will get there, but a big step for me has been taken already, because she has given me the tools to identify when I’m not giving myself the love that I deserve. She’s also very very good at tough love, but she knows exactly when you need it and the right things to say when you don’t. There is one one workshop that I go back to time and time again to look back at waht I’ve written and it always gives me a boost even on the very dark days. Nicola is just so helpful and really does have your best interests at heart. I genuinely believe that she wants people to become their best and autentic selves.


I’ve been having one to ones with Nic for a few years now, without them I wouldn’t be here today. I’ve suffered with anxiety all my life, along with perfectionism and always feeling alone. 

Nicola has given me the tools and coping strategies that have had a massive impact on my life. 

Nicola took the negative voices that where in my head and made them positive.


I have suffered mental health for years and I thought I was a lost cause. Nothing I tired worked and I had pretty much given up. Nicola’s academy and her help has been amazing, for once I actually have hope I can move forward and it is the first thing that has actually made a positive difference for me. I made the best choice when I joined the academy, I am so thankful for everything this academy and Nicola has done for me.


I’m grateful for friends I’ve met in this academy being here has changed my life and now I’m surrounded by mentally fit emotionally independent women

I love it here and I love all of you!!

I know that one wasn’t about me but I can’t help it!

About Me

I offer heart-led honesty and a no-nonsense approach. With a wicked sense of humour, I’m not afraid to use when the situation calls for it. During our one-on-one or group sessions, you’ll find a perfect blend of laughter and tears. I’m here to empower you, I will sting like a bee so you can fly like a butterfly.

Having overcome extreme trauma in my own life, I transformed my pains into my passions. Drawing from my counselling qualifications, I gained control over my own moods and emotions. As a mum of 4 who has survived suicide, I understand the immense challenges you face. Feeling worthless and burdensome, we often worry about the impact our moods have on our families. I’m here to show you that you can regain control over your mental illness.

My specialization lies in helping people with long term mental illness such as Borderline Personality Disorder, complex PSTD or long term anxiety and depression. Combining my diverse qualifications, I offer a multifaceted approach to address the day-to-day symptoms of your mental illness.

I personally live with borderline (emotionally unstable) personality disorder and complex PTSD. However, I’ve mastered the art of not letting my fluctuating moods dictate my life. My greatest passion is sharing the tools and strategies I’ve developed with mothers who are ready to take proactive steps to gain control over their own moods and emotions. Together, I’ll help you achieve emotional independence and confidently take charge of your life.

Join my Facebook community

I have created a SAFE supportive community of understanding, acceptance and where no judgements are given. All working together with one goal in mind, to get more mentally fit so that you can feel stronger than your mind. I would love for you to join us there.


Stronger Than Your Mind