Stronger Than Your Mind

are you ready to stop just existing?

Becoming Stronger Than Your Mind

Monday 6th – Friday 10th February 2023


6th – 10th February 2023

hey mama, are you

Ready to stop just existing?

Sick of feeling like a burden?

Scared of your mind?

It is time to take control

In this 5 day workshop I will help you to take the steps to Becoming Stronger Than Your Mind.

So that you can start to take control of your moods and emotions to stop just existing and start living.

Finally you can  put an end to feeling like a burden, an end to overthinking and how much you constantly put yourself down. So stop feeling scared about how your moods and mental health are affecting your children.

Together for 5 days in a private Facebook group we will work on:


We will look at denial and your beliefs about yourself. We will explore if these beliefs you have about yourself are true. Plus we research YOU. So that ultimately you can take the first baby steps to accepting you.

Being You

Who are you? But more importantly how do you feel about you and what is your self worth like, which is probably none existent so let’s start looking into how we can change that.

Living in the now

How you past is affecting you, like having one foot in the past and one foot in the now, we will look at being more focused on the now and what scars the past has left so we can work on healing them. Also, we look at victim mode, if you are in it, and more importantly how to get out of it. 

Becoming Stronger Than Your Mind

Taking action on all the lessons you have learned in the programme and top tips to take forward so you can be stronger than your mind. 

The workshop will take place live in a private Facebook group between Monday 6th and Friday 10th February 2023.

When you sign up you get access to the Facebook group where all the workshop materials will be delivered via a mixture of videos and workbooks. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions plus more importantly get support from me.

This is the first time I have run this particular workshop live in a group setting. Before now this is a process I have taken my butterflies through during one to one sessions, so I am charging as little as possible in this first group setting. The price may very well increase dramatically the next time I do this workshop so I would really recommend jumping on now and being one of the first to experience this group training and at this introductory price.

I combine a range of therapies, such as my person centred counselling techniques, coaching and also physical therapies.   As well as drawing on my own personal experiences to to help you to overcome the things trapping you. Because I have been where you are. I get how dark and scary those thoughts can be. I will stop you from just existing and help you to finally start living again. A confident life, where you feel in control and no longer fear how you are impacting your children.

“but I can’t go there, if I do it will send me over the edge.” This is how I used to feel about dealing with my mental health. So I totally get that fear. It’s overwhelming thinking of it, let alone speaking about it and bringing it to the surface. But that is what I am here for, to stop you from being trapped in this fear and overwhelm. I will give you the starting tools and strategies you need to feel secure in your life and to take control of your moods and emotions.

For all those signing up before the early, you will get a early bird discount of £11.11 once the early bird discount ends the price will be £22.22. Replays will be available for two weeks after the final day of the workshop. Each training material for that day will be uploaded by 10am.

Hi, I’m Nix

It has become my mission in life to not only eat as much pizza as possible, but to stop mamas from feeling trapped in their mind. To show them they can stop just existing and actually start living again.


I am a mama of 4 myself and have experienced what it is like to not want to exist anymore. I had already qualified as a counsellor many moons before my own struggles. I had intended to use my qualification, coupled with a legal degree, to join the police and be a family liaison officer. Working with sexual health victims, especially children. But towards the end of obtaining my law degree I had a complete mental breakdown and attempted to take my own life.


Now I am using my past pains to fuel my passion. To not only have the knowledge of counselling but to have lived and breathed a life with mental illnesses too. I found my crutch in exercise and went on to study personal training, so I can add this to my portfolio of skills. I am armed and ready to help save the ones who think they are beyond saving anymore. I am here to be the light in your darkness. You can find out even more about me and go more in depth to my story here