The pink elephant in the room. How it is affecting you everyday and holding you back.

We all know what the elephant in the room is right? Well if you don’t let me tell you. It is that big issue, that big conversation, something big that is in the air, that we don’t talk about. For example, when you’re sat at a really posh table with some proper posh...

Don’t talk about your mental health, they’ll take your kids away!

Your mind is against you, it is the scariest place on earth and the thoughts you have scare and cripple you. You just can’t see past ever feeling anything but a pointless existence. Everyone else goes to therapy or speaks to people about it. But for you it is...

Are you being your own victim?

I used to say to myself so often,  "It is not my fault I had a difficult childhood, I can't help what happened to me and what it has done to my mental health." I have a huge truth bomb to drop and I dropped it recently during one of my Top Tip Tuesday's, live in my...

Big Girls Don’t Cry

How I learned that actually, big girls DO cry. I spent most of my adult life never crying, not fully, not a proper cry, not letting it all go. Then I finally looked at it and unpicked why I didn’t let myself cry.

You Don’t Deserve It, You Are Too Selfish

Ever feel like you are the most selfish person ever and that because of that you don’t deserve anything?

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