Your mind is against you, it is the scariest place on earth and the thoughts you have scare and cripple you.

You just can’t see past ever feeling anything but a pointless existence. Everyone else goes to therapy or speaks to people about it.

But for you it is different, because you can’t talk about it, you can’t got to therapy about it. You might have even tried that before and you felt judged, or you already know before you even try to open up, that you’d be judged. 


Well guess what? I am here to tell you that you are WRONG


There is a few things going on here and what I am about to tell you will help to you to start to change the thoughts going around your head and these fears you have about talking. 

First of, you are right to be scared, it is scary and I am sure you are thinking and feeling some pretty horrendous stuff. I am also sure you know of plenty of evidence why you shouldn’t talk. Maybe you’ve seen a post on social media about someone losing her kids because she was mentally ill. Maybe you have said something to someone before and they give you a look or said a comment that made you feel judged. So of course that is going to happen again right? 




Your mind is doing its job, but you are not your mind. Your mind is there to perform functions the same way all your other organs are but they aren’t YOU. You are not a beat like your heart is, You are you. So you are not your mind as much as you are not your heart. Your thoughts do not represent you

But your mind is there to do two things, keep you alive and keep you happy. Now why an earth would you feel happy talking about things so painful?

Why an earth would you feel happy opening up to someone and being judged?

Why an earth would you feel happy if you opened up and lost your kids?

So, your brain is going to send you thoughts, give you reminders of evidence as to why you shouldn’t and can’t open up!!

Yet what is the result? Well a self fulfilling prophecy that’s what, because you are still not happy. You are never going to be fully happy because you are holding and hiding all this in, like a shameful secret never able to get support, help or to feel understood and to find ways you can feel better.

What if you found someone who you could trust, who you could open up to and they wouldn’t judge you?

What if you could be amongst other like minded mamas who have all opened up too and still have their children with them. Who know exactly what it is like to be you!

How different would you life be if you had that safe space, those safe non judgemental people?


What if you didn’t have to open at all to anyone if you didn’t want to, BUT can still get the questions that therapists would ask you, that would enable you to find the answers and solutions to help yourself?


Would you be happier

Would you feel more in control of your life?

Would you feel more content about your life and your future?

Would you feel less of a burden to your children and family?


Well let me tell you mama, you can stop scrolling because you have found it.

I am your safe space. I do not judge, because I have been there, I have had the thoughts that scare me so much I felt shame and guilt for even thinking them. I have had social involved because of my mental health yet still kept my children.

I also know how tough it is to just open up and speak to me or any other therapist.

This is one of the reasons why I created my Stronger Than Your Mind Academy. It is a self study five stage programme that you work through on your own, but with my support and group support ready and waiting for you if you want it. It is all done in your own time and at your own pace.

I am not here to tell you all the answers, but I am here to give you all the questions you need to help guide you to find the right answers for you. But without that pressure and need to instantly open up. 

Of course if you do, or when you are ready to open up and to talk I am here for you and do give one to one therapy support as well as and alongside my self study programme.

Because talking really does help, but we have to feel safe and ready to open up, that shouldn’t mean we can’t do the work ourself. So that you can then feel safe and ready to open up and talk.

Once you accept yourself you can allow others to accept you too. More so once you understand yourself you can help others to understand you two and both of these are the foundations of my Stronger Than Your Mind Academy. 

Cocoon yourself with me and let me help you to become Stronger Than Your Mind.