Stronger Than Your Mind Academy

Guest Experts

Ali Knight - You are not your thoughts

Join me as my amazing coach Ali knight the incredible intuitive coach and empowerment mentor talks to us about You are not your thoughts and how to connect more with you and your intuition.

TRIGGER WARNING this is tough and will be upsetting. It is supposed to be. But please only watch and take part if you feel able to keep yourself safe.

Jane Miller - Parental Coach

Jane Miller parental coach came in to answer our questions around parenting LIVE in the monthly workshop and here is the recording from that.

Dealing with emotions / triggers that stop you in work/business/studying

I  was the guest speaker this month. So this was a workshop I run due to feedback from the butterflies at the time. 

Procrastinating about working on your mental health.

Workshop recorded with me as the guest speaker in May 2023 – Putting off working on our mental health and taking the time out to actually work through the academy.