Mental Fitness Support


I get you because I don’t just talk to the talk I walk the walk. As well as understanding you, I will help you to understand yourself. Allowing you to then feel more understood by those around you too.


I wont give up on you and I will empower you to not give up on yourself.  Perseverance is crucial if you want to be stronger than your mind. It is about not giving up and having the tenacity required to do something and keep doing it tell the end, even it it’s hard.


I am not here to bull shit you! I will be honest with you so that you can finally start being honest with yourself too. I will sting like a bee so that you can fly like a butterfly. Knowing that I got you and honesty is always the best policy.

I am a mental fitness mentor and I help people in business who are out of crisis point and ready to take supportive action on their mental fitness.

How I can help you with your mental fitness

Stronger Than Your Mind – The Workshop

 A transformative 4-day workshop, where I will guide you towards becoming stronger than your mind. In these four days, you will learn the beginning and essential steps to take control of your moods and emotions, allowing you to break free from merely existing and truly start living. It’s time to put an end to the burden you’ve been carrying, the constant overthinking, and the self-deprecating thoughts that hold you back. Allowing you to start to feel more emotionally independent, so you can show up feeling more understanding and accepting of yourself. Which will enable you to start to scale your business to where it deserves to be while thriving in your personal life too. 

Over the 4 days we will cover the following four topics:

  • Acceptance
  • Being you
  • Living in the now
  • Becoming stronger than your mind

This runs up to twice a year LIVE and free in a dedicated Facebook group, check my social media bio links to see if it is currently running or due to run live. But, if you don’t want to do it with others and you want it NOW you can access it instantly, for 21 days at any time to do at your own pace using the link below. You will get support from me still though so you are not doing it totally on your own, I will send you an email every day for first 4 days of the workshop, so you will not be alone, I have got you.


I’m so glad I signed up to Nicola’s workshop. I’ve always struggled with feeling like I had lost myself. I’d become someone I didn’t want to be. I was starting to hate who I was and feeling out of my depth in the sea of some hugely overwhelming emotions. I knew I was struggling with my mental health but I was feeling powerless over the choices I made about how I wanted to live my life.

Going through Nicola’s workshop made me realise that my mental health struggles where a completely separate entity and I wasn’t lost, I was just dealing with a particularly difficult time and that it was possible to figure out a way to get back in the driving seat.

I know that having through this once I’ve just started to peel back the layers and I can revisit this again and again to help me continue to work through my challenges. I already feel lighter. Thank you so much Nicola.


Stronger Than Your Mind Academy

A mixture of group support and self-study, giving you the tools and skills to feel stronger than your mind. 

It is built upon my five crucial pillars that empower you to become emotionally independent so you can take control of your moods and emotions.

You can progress at your own pace, all the while knowing that you have the unwavering support of the group and myself. With daily tasks, weekly group calls and monthly guest experts there is more than just tools and strategies. It is where you connect with those who truly understand you, because they relate and are just like you too, while learning to understand yourself on a level like never before.

Includes access to Stronger Than Your Mind – The Workshop.

Butterfly – £46 per month (min 3 months)

VIP Butterfly – £1,500 (can be split into 3 payments) 3 months of the Stronger Than Your Mind Academy AT HALF PRICE PLUS weekly 1:1 accountability calls with me.

The material that Nicola has created in the Stronger Than Your Mind Academy is transformational, I’m feeling the benefits of it right now, I’m catching myself doing emotionally damaging things that I never even realised I was doing. I have a lot of work to do still, and with Nicola I am sure I will get there, but a big step for me has been taken already, because she has given me the tools to identify when I’m not giving myself the love that I deserve. She’s also very very good at tough love, but she knows exactly when you need it and the right things to say when you don’t. There is even one workshop that I got to time and time again to look back at what I’ve written and it always gives me a boost even on the very dark days. Nicola is just so helpful and really does have your best interests at heart. I genuinely believe that she wants people to become their best and authentic selves.


One to One Therapry

Through highly personalized online therapy sessions, I offer you the opportunity to delve deep into the root causes that affect your emotional independence and prevent you from feeling at the peak of your mental fitness. We will identify all your pink elephants so we can tame them and move them out the flipping way! Find out more about what I mean about pink elephants, and how they are currently holding you back in your life in my blog here.

You will receive my top level of support allowing you to reach your goals in a faster and more supportive way. I offer both long term (12 months) and short term (3 months) packages depending on your needs and my availability. 

The luxury of 1:1 support is that it allows me to truly bring you a person centred approach, as this is the method of counselling I am trained in. Where you decide when and where we go together during our sessions. However, I will also be using my mentoring skills to help nudge you in the right direction and teaching you the skill of perseverance. Enabling you to feel emotionally independent so you can confidently thrive in life and in your business. 

3 Months of 1:1 support begins at – £2000 (can be split into 3 payments)

12 Months of 1:1 support begins at £350 (PCM and includes access to the Stronger Than Your Mind Academy.)

After one to one sessions with Nicola as well as her workshops and the Stronger Than Your Mind Academy. I feel at peace. I recognise now, how strong that little girl I used to be was. This has changed my life around. I feel strong and at peace.


Fancy a chat?

I get that when your mind is as busy as Picadilly train station it can  be really overwhelming to know which support option is right for. It is also really helpful to get to know me a little before you invest too right? I mean what if am a total tw@t that you just can’t stand, then how are you going to get through any of my self study materials or one to ones with me?

I totally get it! So how about we have a free no obligation chat to see where you are right now and how I can best support you. 

I WILL NOT EXPECT YOU TO MAKE ANY COMMITMENTS TO ANY OF MY SERVICES DURING THE CALL! If we are right for each other this is a decision you can make after our call when you have had time to process our chat.  

Click HERE to book your chat with me.


What my butterflies say

I came across Nicola on Facebook when I saw her post and answered ‘yes’ to so many questions. For both my mental and physical health – I knew I had to explore her futher. I am gald I did. Nicola is amazing, a true survivor and a warrior. She is supportive and inspiring but not afraid to kick butt when the sitation demands it. The other group members are wonderful; there is no judgment, it’s a safe place to be, and yes, it can be a funny place too. Mental and physical health don’t have to be 100% serious, as I’ve discovered. Thanks to her incredibly useful and honest online support guides, I know I can turn to Nicola or her virtual self for help 24/7. Stronger Than Your Mind is unique and that’s a good thing. It’s not sterlie, clinical, or ‘fluffy bunny’. It’s honest, it’s open, it’s warm and friendly. It’s serious, it’s funny, it’s light, and sometimes you’ll get a no-nonsense toe up your bottom if that’s what you need. If you think all support groups are the same, think again.

Ellen Hendren

Nicola has created workshops to help with numerous different issues/areas of concern and by working through them you are able to see things from a different perspective. I’m always going back through my worksheets to remind myself of how I felt when I worked through the workshops and it really helps. Nicola is so knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease. She really is the expert as she has experienced and overcome her own challenges in life.


When I finally opened up to Nicola and told her what I was going through, there was no judgement and no talk of social services, but lots of understanding. It was so nice to finally have someone to speak to about all of this, I didn’t feel alone anymore. Nic was like a little light in a very dark time where I couldn’t see a way out. After sometime of having one to ones with Nic the pain began to lift I began to see that I wasn’t crazy, my children were not better off without me and I wasn’t a horrible person my my was telling me I was I began to see I was worthy of help but most importantly I could see that what happened to me wasn’t my fault. If I could go back and tell that little girl anything I would tell her it won’t feel like this forever and everything was going to be alright and she was going to make it thanks to a very special lady who would lead her out of all the darkness and pain she was carrying.


When I first started my sessions I still felt a little alone discovering I struggled with BPD and what it meant for me. I was unsure of my next steps to take and what to do to help. I feel a lot more positive about myself now and don’t feel like people are going to hate me because of the way I am. I know I’m never going to be ‘cured’ but I am okay with that now, I know I have to keep working at it and eventually I’ll have more control over my head so I am determined to keep working hard! I feel I have more control than when we first started having sessions. I handle tough situations better than I did before and I am not quite as closed as I used to be because I was scared to let people in. I am proud of myself when I look back at everything that has happened and I am still here trying to make things better. I can’t thank Nicola enough for the support and guidance she has given me, it is honestly priceless. I dread to think where I’d have been if I hadn’t found Nicola.


Stronger Than Your Mind