Become a butterfly

and feel emotionally independent
Value yourself
feel in control of your moods and emotions
Feel in content with yourself & life
feel accepting of yourself

I am a mental fitness mentor and I help mums and mumpreneus who are out of crisis point and ready to take supportive action. Teaching you the tools and strategies to gain control of your moods and emotions. So you can feel accepted by yourself and live a confident life that you are in control of and feel emotionally independent in.  Enabling you to finally feel content and have the impact on your family and in this world that you are destined to make.

Anyone I support is a butterfly because it beautifully explains the process we go through to become emotionally independent. A butterfly starts of life with no idea of its capabilities. It assumes it is destined for a life vulnerable and open to prey. Crawling so small on the ground and only able to look in awe at the butterflies flying so high. It can’t see any other way out. Until it makes that brave decision to cocoon and only then can it emerge as this whole new being, as a stunning butterfly equipped with wings to enable them to be free and live the life they’ve always dreamed of.

Here are all the ways that I can support you so that you too can become a butterfly and become emotionally independent so that you too can stop just existing and finally start living. 

Ways to become a butterfly

Stronger Than Your Mind – The Workshop

A transformative 4-day workshop, where I will guide you towards becoming stronger than your mind. In these four days, you will learn the beginning essential steps to take control of your moods and emotions, allowing you to break free from merely existing and truly start living. It’s time to put an end to the burden you’ve been carrying, the constant overthinking, and the self-deprecating thoughts that hold you back.

Over the 4 days we will cover the following four topics:

  • Acceptance
  • Being you
  • Living in the now
  • Becoming stronger than your mind

Butterfly – £150

Stronger Than Your Mind Academy

A blend of group support and self-study, giving you the tools to overcome the challenges posed by your own mind.

It is built upon five crucial pillars that empower you to become stronger than your mind. Through a variety of teaching methods, such as workbooks, videos, and audios, you can progress at your own pace, all the while knowing that you have the unwavering support of the group and myself.

Includes access to Stronger Than Your Mind – The Workshop (RRP £150) weekly group check in calls, private Facebook community with daily support and accountability, monthly workshops and guest speakers.

Butterfly – £46 per month (min 3 months)

VIP Butterfly – £1,5000 (can be split into 3)

3 months of the Stronger Than Your Mind Academy AT HALF PRICE PLUS weekly 1:1 accountability calls with me (min 3 months)

One to One Support

Through highly personalized online therapy sessions, I offer you the opportunity to delve deep into the root causes that affect your emotional independence and prevent you from feeling in control of your life.

Together I will take you through my unique framework while being totally guided by you on how and when we navigate through it so that we do it in a way that is specifically tailored to you and at your pace. 

Butterfly – £2000 

What my butterflies say

I came across Nicola on Facebook when I saw her post and answered ‘yes’ to so many questions. For both my mental and physical health – I knew I had to explore her futher. I am gald I did. Nicola is amazing, a true survivor and a warrior. She is supportive and inspiring but not afraid to kick butt when the sitation demands it. The other group members are wonderful; there is no judgment, it’s a safe place to be, and yes, it can be a funny place too. Mental and physical health don’t have to be 100% serious, as I’ve discovered. Thanks to her incredibly useful and honest online support guides, I know I can turn to Nicola or her virtual self for help 24/7. Stronger Than Your Mind is unique and that’s a good thing. It’s not sterlie, clinical, or ‘fluffy bunny’. It’s honest, it’s open, it’s warm and friendly. It’s serious, it’s funny, it’s light, and sometimes you’ll get a no-nonsense toe up your bottom if that’s what you need. If you think all support groups are the same, think again.

Ellen Hendren

Nicola has created workshops to help with numerous different issues/areas of concern and by working through them you are able to see things from a different perspective. I’m always going back through my worksheets to remind myself of how I felt when I worked through the workshops and it really helps. Nicola is so knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease. She really is the expert as she has experienced and overcome her own challenges in life.


When I finally opened up to Nicola and told her what I was going through, there was no judgement and no talk of social services, but lots of understanding. It was so nice to finally have someone to speak to about all of this, I didn’t feel alone anymore. Nic was like a little light in a very dark time where I couldn’t see a way out. After sometime of having one to ones with Nic the pain began to lift I began to see that I wasn’t crazy, my children were not better off without me and I wasn’t a horrible person my my was telling me I was I began to see I was worthy of help but most importantly I could see that what happened to me wasn’t my fault. If I could go back and tell that little girl anything I would tell her it won’t feel like this forever and everything was going to be alright and she was going to make it thanks to a very special lady who would lead her out of all the darkness and pain she was carrying.


When I first started my sessions I still felt a little alone discovering I struggled with BPD and what it meant for me. I was unsure of my next steps to take and what to do to help. I feel a lot more positive about myself now and don’t feel like people are going to hate me because of the way I am. I know I’m never going to be ‘cured’ but I am okay with that now, I know I have to keep working at it and eventually I’ll have more control over my head so I am determined to keep working hard! I feel I have more control than when we first started having sessions. I handle tough situations better than I did before and I am not quite as closed as I used to be because I was scared to let people in. I am proud of myself when I look back at everything that has happened and I am still here trying to make things better. I can’t thank Nicola enough for the support and guidance she has given me, it is honestly priceless. I dread to think where I’d have been if I hadn’t found Nicola.


Mental Health Support For Mums & Mumprenerus

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