Maternal Mental Health

Don’t be afraid 1 in 5 of us mums in the UK have a mental illness. 

What about us?

I was sat in my local hospital’s ante natal clinic waiting area. I’d just had my 12 week scan for baby number 4. I had a huge 10 year gap between my previous 3 children and since then, I had struggled with my mental health and had a severe mental breakdown. I sat there feeling a little scared. I eagerly scanned the notice boards and posters looking for support and help for someone like me. There was an abundance of information from everything you could think of that might affect mums to be and new mums. So much advice and support; breastfeeding, domestic violence, coping with twins, group B strep the list went on and on. But what about us?

You are not alone, I got you!

I couldn’t find anything for mums with mental illnesses!

No poster, no information leaflet, nothing. Where was the information to help us crazy mums? This is something I had to change. In April 2019 I created my very own campaign that coincided with that years ‘maternal mental health awareness week’. I want other mums to be, to sit in the waiting room and know that they too can get help and support. So, I contacted mums in my mental health support group and they helped me to make this amazing campaign poster. We are using our faces, and our stories, to show other mums and mums to be that they are not alone. I campaigned tirelessly and had some great results in my local area. So, many organisations put the campaign poster up, including the local hospital ante natal clinic! I even got myself on the news of my local radio station too (click here to listen to it). Every year, I plan on making sure the posters are still up and trying to get even more places across the nation, to get the poster in their waiting rooms. I want to make this poster a feature nationally across ante natal clinics, baby weigh in groups, nursery etc you name it I want mums to see us and feel supported. Then there is this page, right here. One place full of support, information and guidance on maternal mental health.

Help & Support

Are you being your own victim?

I used to say to myself so often,  "It is not my fault I had a difficult childhood, I can't help what happened to me and what it has done to my mental health." I have a huge truth bomb to drop and I dropped it recently during one of my Top Tip Tuesday's, live in my...

Big Girls Don’t Cry

How I learned that actually, big girls DO cry. I spent most of my adult life never crying, not fully, not a proper cry, not letting it all go. Then I finally looked at it and unpicked why I didn’t let myself cry.

Finally, how to make more time!

Time is what we want most, but use the worst - William Penn   These past few weeks I have found myself feeling so trapped and stuck and getting more and more frustrated at the same old situation.  "I just don't have enough hours in the day to get everything done"...

How To Cure Your Mental Health

Are you trapped and consumed by your mental health, so much so that you can’t even access the help you need right now because you are not in the right place for it?

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