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Welcome home butterfly, this is where all your units and workouts are.

Start by watching this video from me. It has details of your first steps that you need to take so don’t miss it. You can click the CC on the bottom video to see it with captions so you can read what I am saying if you can’t or don’t want to listen to the audio of the video. 

Commit, transform & Grow

Make a pledge

The first thing for you to do today is to make a promise to yourself, to become committed and serious about the transformation and growth you want to happen within this academy. Share a picture of your pledge in the academy Facebook group, for everyone to see your commitment and promise to yourself and to hold yourself accountable to your promise. 

2 -Understanding your mind
3 - Resetting your mind
4 - Conditioning your mind
5- Stronger than your mind

exercise for your mind

Mood Workouts

Here is where you will find workouts based on how you are feeling. Because no matter what mood you are in a workout will always help. 

Angry Workout

Numb Workout

More support

Guest Experts

Help another mama just like you.

Has the Stronger Than Your Mind Academy helped you to change your life?

Do you want to be able to shout it out to all those who are lost like you once where too. It is empowering and an understanding like no other. When you too have been in that darkness when you too have felt like you are simply existing. So now, you want to help other mamas just like you. To stop just existing and start living.

Not only can you help spread awareness and support to other mamas, if they become a butterfly thanks to your recommendation, you will get a month free.

For every mama who signs up you get a whole month free for you! Because sharing is caring.

To get started, click the link below to fill out your details and get your very own link for mamas to join us here in the Stronger Than Your Mind Academy.