Welcome to the

Stronger Than Your Mind Academy

You have just become a butterfly and I am so happy to welcome you to your members area. 

I am so proud of you, the investment you have just made in yourself right now. 

It takes so much to accept that you need and want help and to accept that you are the best person to help yourself. Along with my support of course. That is what I am here to do, to support, help and guide you. I am here to hold your hand, we are going to do this together, I have got you! 

This is the first step to you taking control of your moods & emotions and becoming Stronger Than Your Mind and I am so excited for you because I know transformation is about to happen for you. 

You did this, without my support and guidance you did it! Just imagine what we are going to achieve together. 

I am honoured to have you as my butterfly. You can get started right away, or take some time to recognise the achievement you have made today, celebrate that today you have made that amazing first step. It was scary and I am sure you are still feeling a little bit scared and it is daunting so make sure you celebrate just what you have done today. I am so proud of you. 

This is your members area, this is where the magic happens so to speak.

You will shortly receive an email with your log in link for the dashboard where all your units are housed. The first unit will be ready and waiting for you.

Make sure you join the Facebook community group exclusively for academy members only. 

If you took the VIP butterfly option and we have not yet discussed your slots for one to one therapy sessions, then I will be in touch shortly to get those booked in with you. This is where we go much deeper and get much more personal and tailored to you I am so excited for you.