Ab Crusher


This half hour fast paced ab workout will have your happy hormones pumping like no ones business and without a single crunch in sight!


It is statistically proven that exercise has the same benefits as talking therapies and antidepressant’s.

Studies have shown that in fact, exercise is more effective when treating certain mental illnesses, especially anxiety and depression.


When we exercise the brain releases what are called endorphins and endocannabinoids. The endorphins provide a type of mental pain relief and increase your ‘happy’ feelings. Where as the endocannabinoids give a feeling of calm with a hint of excitement which is what is known as ‘the high’ after a workout. I am not saying that doing this workout you will suddenly feel cured and on top of the world. But it will help you to find that balance and a sense of calmness. It will help reduce the noise in your head. It will help stop the overthinking being 100 miles an hour and reduce it to a much more manageable rate.

As well as increasing chemicals when we exercise it also reduces certain chemicals in our body. More so the ones that are released during stress which are cortisol and adrenaline. This means not only will it reduce how stressed you are feeling in the moment, it will help you to not get as stressed to over the course of your day.

Overall through exercise you are creating a much better balance and therefore feeling much more balanced in your state of mind. Helping you to be able to handle the day to day symptoms of your mental illness.

Exercise gives you an immediate relief and is why people often call it a ‘high’ after a workout. It is an instant relief that has long term results especially when you fit it into your daily routine. Which is exactly what this workout plan is deigned to do.

Plus guess what? As well as the immediate relief and the knowledge that exercise is just as good at releasing the happy chemicals as anti depressants are. It is also proven that exercise is a much better long term solution for those with stress and clinically raised disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Ab Workout

This is a half hour ab workout designed to work your core and help get those happy chemcials pumping around your body. So that you can feel less stressed and more calm and ready to take on the day to day challenges of your mental health.

This is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style ab workout that will have your abs burning. But that also means those happy hormones will be pumping like no tomorrow. This is a really great workout if you are feeling stressed, angry and or like you need to really lift and boost your mood.

Rest assured that we are going to ‘work’ those abs which means there isn’t a single ab crunch in this workout! Don’t let that fool into a false sense of security. This half hour workout is fast paced and will have your happy hormones feeling like their is a firework party going on. Enabling you to take control of your moods and emotions. Helping you to become Stronger Than Your Mind.

Purchasing this product will give you the link to a privately listed YouTube video you can then save this video in your YouTube library and use as and when you like. However, this video is under copyright laws of Nicola Parker 2023 so please do not share the video with anyone else and please do not distribute it anywhere.




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