Daily Planner


Do you get to the end of your day and feel like you have accomplished nothing?

Do you want to feel like you are in control of your days and they are as productive as possible?

Well then, this planner may well be what you are looking for.


When we struggle with our mental health it can feel like we have spent the whole day overthinking, or dealing with our intrusive thoughts. One minute you was sat with your morning cup of tea, before you know it you are running late for the school run because you've lost time rehearsing what you will say to the other school mums in the playground today. Sound familiar? Or maybe you get to the end of the day and feel knackered but equally feel like you have been busy doing nothing. Often this is because you have been acting like a buzzing bee at the window. You are flying around bashing yourself endlessly against the glass. When if you would just give your self a second to stop, plan and take action. You would notice that the window is open you just need to fly up and to the left slightly then down a little, ahh freedom.

Having a productive and empowering day has so many benefits to our mental health. It can help us feel like we have achieved something, like we are capable of being a functioning human. Which in turn then helps us with our self worth and self belief. Which I am sure are pretty low right now. So anything we can do to increase these feelings is a bonus right?

As well as having a productive day and feeling a sense of accomplishment it is also about having the right mindset for the day. Think of this scenario, you get out of bed, you stub your toe on the bed and you declare to yourself 'oh s*it it is going to be one of those days now!". You have literally already got off on a bad foot and that sets the tone for the rest of your day then. When we start our day focusing our mindset and having clear intentions this helps to give us a better playfield, so that we are going into the day feeling mentally strong and ready.

This is exactly what this planner does. It sets up for a mentally strong day so that you can start taking the steps to becoming stronger than your mind.

The planner has a step by step guide on how to use it to gain the most use of it and make sure that this isn't another one of those planners that collects dust or gets given to the kids as a colouring book.

You can buy this planner at any time of the year as the dates are left blank for you to fill in each day yourself. So you can even start this planner on a random Tuesday in April if you so wish. Because now is not the time to wait for the end of the month or the start of a new year. Taking control of your moods and emotions and becoming stronger than your mind starts today, it starts here and it starts right now with this Daily Planner from Stronger Than Your Mind.


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