Beginners guide to gratitude for your mental health


Gratitude is crucial in self development and in the pursuit of becoming stronger than your mind! Use this workbook to get started and unlock the magic you hold within yourself.


Mental health has you at your rock bottom and you can feel like you have nothing and no one.

Your mental health has you in its grips and wants to keep you there.

To make you feel you have nothing left to live for. That there is no good left in your life.

I used to moan about everything and feel so trapped. I hated my house and the issues I had within it. I hated my finances and lack of them and feeling trapped. I hated everything about my life and moaned all the time about it. I spent most my days thinking why me and moaning to others and myself about all what I didn’t have. But this is the norm right. Everyone around me was doing it too?


I then discovered gratitude and what it could do for me. But more so how gratitude can really help me to take more control of my mental health and my moods and emotions.

Keeping a gratitude journal has had such a massive impact on my day to day life and in me being able to become stronger than my mind.

Use this guide to get started

I have created a short guide to getting started including some print outs to help you get into the habit of keeping a gratitude journal.

This small workbook could literally change your whole outcome on your life and make the most amazing changes you could dream of. The power of gratitude is unreal and it is the most amazing power you hold within you. So get started today and stop ‘just existing’ and start living.


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