How to Meditate for Mental Health


Meditation is one of my biggest tips to help with a whole host of mental illness symptoms. Such as:


-difficulty sleeping,





But it seems scary right, do you need to hug a tree? Or breathe ? What if you don’t want to feel out of control?


Where do you even start when it comes to learning how to meditate?

Does it involve hypnosis?

What is it all about and how do you even get started?

This is the guide for you. I will explain all there is to know about why and how to meditate.

I'll help you know what to expect when it comes to meditation and also dispel any myths you have heard about it too.

So that you can start to use meditation to gain better control of your moods and emotions. This will help you to start being kinder and more loving towards yourself as well as better equipped to deal with the day to day challenges of life with a mental illness.

PLUS includes two downloadable guided meditations recorded by me.


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