30 Days of Journal Prompts To Enable You To Be Stronger Than Your Mind


Journaling is proven to help reduce symptoms of mental illnesses, in particular depression and anxiety. This journal will help you to start to take control of your moods and emotions so that you can start to feel more emotionally independent.


This journal book will help you to feel stronger than your mind by helping you to:

  • Gain control of your overthinking
  • how to find clarity when you feel overwhelmed
  • Get a better understanding of how you work and why
  • How to release built up emotions
  • How to combat feeling numb
  • Calms and clears your mind


Journaling is one of my top tips to help you to reduce the noise in year head. It is like having your own therapist with you whenever you need one. After all, you are your best therapist and this will teach you how to unleash that power and how and when to use it.

Journaling is so powerful and it is a great tool to use in becoming stronger than you mind, writing down your thoughts and feelings not only gives you a better understanding of them but it allows you to take better control over them.

This workshop is self study and is delivered via daily emails. So once you purchase please make sure to check your junk folder to confirm your subscription to the email. You will then receive an email every day for the next 30 days where I will help you to learn how to journal for your mental health so that you can start to take control of your moods and emotions. So that you can stop ‘just existing’ and start living.

Journaling is a great tool for taking control of the debilitating day to day symptoms of your mental health. I will help you to make it a new part of your daily routine providing you not only with the strategies and tools but more so the support you need and want too. Let’s face it, it can feel lonely when you are struggling with your mental health. But I am here to help support and guide you and arm you with the tools you need to realise that you are so much stronger than your mind.


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