Stronger Than Your Mind Cross Over Hoodie


You will feel super cosy in this hoodie with it’s chunky cross neck and thumb holes. In a soft dusty pink it features the “Stronger Than Your Mind” logo on the front along with my S.A.F.E acronym on the back



I decided back whilst I was in the deepest darkest days of my mental breakdown that if I made it out alive, I would make it my mission to help others.
Part of building that has made me create a movement. With that is a symbol that represents growth, that represents choosing to live, choosing to become stronger than your mind.
To me the perfect way to put that in an image, to create a movement was to blend the butterfly with the semi colon.

Why I use the butterfly πŸ‘‡πŸ»

One, it is what I refer to people who work with me, I do not call you my client, you are my butterfly. I think it much better represents the relationship and the growth we go on together. To me when someone first comes to work with me, they are a caterpillar. They feel so low, so at risk, so vulnerable, so worthless and pathetic. Like they are crawling along, ever so slow in life and simply existing without feeling like they have any impact on the world or those around them. Yet then you allow yourself to cocoon with me so that I can take you though the crucial 5 stages of your becoming stronger than your mind. So that you can feel SAFE
πŸ¦‹S tronger than your mind
πŸ¦‹A ccepted by yourself & others
πŸ¦‹F it, mentally fit
πŸ¦‹E mpowered to be you
This process enables you to emerge as a free, confident butterfly feeling full of purpose and acceptance. Living and loving life and feeling like you are worthy, like you are stronger than the day to day symptoms of your mental illness affecting you.

Why I use the semi colon πŸ‘‡πŸ»

The semi colon has long been recognised in the mental health community as a symbol for people who have survived against suicide. I myself have survived 3 serious suicide attempts. I love what the semi colon represent. It is said that authors use the semi colon when they could have ended a sentence but chose not to. I remember reading that once and thinking, well I didn’t chose not to end it, I was just too rubbish at being able to do it properly. Yet now I am so glad I was too β€˜thick to end it all’ (which is what I used to say to myself). Now I am so pleased I survived and I am a survivor of an illness that has a 10% chance of dying by suicide yet here I am. πŸ’ͺ
So I combine the semi colon with a butterfly to represent what I have been through and the journey that I help others to go and grow through now with me supporting them.
I have worked closely with an amazing lady Kathryn from Fox loves Phoenix to create my very own clothing range and I am so excited to have the butterfly movement message spread far and wide.
Already feedback has included messages like this one from Louise riley
I love the SAFE acronym. It makes me feel better just reading it.
I imagine two people being out and about, and they spot each other, and they see each other are wearing a butterfly top and they know, that they are SAFE, understood and accepted by that person. Like a badge of solidarity.

Please note: Where the items have ‘Mental Fitness Counsellor’ this will be replaced with ‘’ on your own order.


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