My Services

One To One Counselling 

I offer one to one counselling sessions via video call so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. 

I am a person centred counsellor and also bring in my personal experiences to make the sessions a mixutre of counselling and mentoring.  I am here to help you to take control of your moods and emotions and help you to feel SAFE.

S tronger than your mind

A ccepted by yourself

F it, mentally fit

E mpowered to be you

I specialise in supporting mums (of any age, your child might be 2 weeks or 22 years) but I do also work with women who are not mums or if you are transgender or non binary. 

With our sessions it is all at your own pace and time but with a hint of accountability thrown in. Because I sing like a bee, so that you can fly like a butterfly. There is no point having therapy if I don’t try and gently ease you in the right direction of what your goals are from having sessions with me.

We look at these goals before we even begin working together both via an initial call to make sure the sessions are right for you and that we are right for each other. You then get a welcome booklet to fill out so that we can go into more detail about what it is you want and need from our sessions.

My ultimate aim from the sessions is to provide you with the tools and strategies that you need to take control of your moods and emotions so that you can life your live knowing that you are stronger than your mind. 

Together we will help you to stop feeling like a burden and start living a life where you feel confident, content and proud of who you are.

I call my ‘clients’ my butterflies. A butterfly perfectly describes and symbolises the journey you will take with me. Before we work together you feel low, you feel worthless, you feel tiny and insignificant in this big wide world. You crawl so slowly on the ground, moving constantly but feeling like you are getting no where. You can only look on in awe at those above you, seeming so happy, beautiful and confident. Then you allow yourself to cocoon with me taking in all the tools and strategies I provide you with, so that you emerge as the beautiful, confident, content and happy butterfly you have always been destined to be.

If you are interested in having one to one sessions with me then please use the button below to get in touch, we can discuss it via email and then move on to having a free 30 minute call. 

If you are ready to take the first step to taking control of your moods and emotions so that you can stop ‘just’ existing and start living then hit the button below and lets chat to see if it is right for you.

14 + 9 =

Stronger Than Your Mind Academy

Stronger Than Your Mind Academy is my signature 5 stage programme that will help you to take control of your moods and emotions. 

It is a self study and group programme packed with heaps of support. 

All the things we would cover in one to one therapy sessions are housed within my Stronger Than Your Mind Academy and there is group support as well as my support in the dedicated Facebook group. Which includes weekly Q&A lives and monthly group video calls to for support and accountability. You can find out more and sign up by clicking the button below.

What my butterflies say about me

It sounds crazy, but I am finally seeing glimmers of the real me. I have done things I would never have had the confidence to do before. I am also starting to sleep better. Thanks to Nicola and the tools she gives me, I am ready to fight this and I am now becoming stronger than my mind. I am starting to realise that I had to work on my own mental health before I could even think about anything else. How could I even think of a career or set myself any personal goals when I was trapped in my own mind constantly even while I was asleep. Having one to one sessions with Nicola has set me free from my darkest days. I now have the tools and strategies in place to help me be in control of my mental health and take my power back. For me knowing why I was experiencing what I was has opened my eyes again so I can think about living and knowing there is a way out if I am willing to work at it has helped me a lot too.


The one to one therapy sessions with Nicola have been an absolute game changer for me. I had hit rock bottom, been signed off work and was in a period of trying to recover. Whilst I was fortunate enough to have some counselling already if was only getting me so far, and I felt like it only scraped the surface. When I come across Stronger Than Your Mind it struck me that this could be exactly what I needed. What makes Nicola Stand out from the other counsellors is the fact she is openly shares her own journey. By hear her story up front, it made me feel comfortable to share my own experiences, knowing that would understand and that there wouldn’t be any judgement. The one to one calls really helped me when I was feeling a bit lost, when I knew I wanted to get better but didn’t quite know how. Nicola listened to me with an open mind, reassured me and gave me the tools to be able to help myself.

Stephanie Packer

From the one to one therapy sessions we had I haven’t even done the tasks you gave me yet, but I already feel so much better. Just to have my feelings understood and to have someone to help give me the perspective that I needed. My brain seems to be programmed to only see things one way so your session was absolutely invaluable.


When I first started my sessions I still felt a little alone discovering I struggled with BPD and what it meant for me. I was unsure of my next steps to take and what to do to help. I feel a lot more positive about myself now and don’t feel like people are going to hate me because of the way I am. I know I’m never going to be ‘cured’ but I am okay with that now, I know I have to keep working at it and eventually I’ll have more control over my head so I am determined to keep working hard! I feel I have more control than when we first started having sessions. I handle tough situations better than I did before and I am not quite as closed as I used to be because I was scared to let people in. I am proud of myself when I look back at everything that has happened and I am still here trying to make things better. I can’t thank Nicola enough for the support and guidance she has given me, it is honestly priceless. I dread to think where I’d have been if I hadn’t found Nicola.


I have suffered mental health for years and I thought I was a lost cause. Nothing I tried worked and I had pretty much given up. Nicola’s academy and her help has been amazing. For once I actually have hope I can move forward and it’s the first thing that has actually made a positive difference for me. I made the best choice when I joined Nicola’s academy. I am so thankful for everything this academy and Nicola has done for me. 

Jess Sibthorp

Nicola has created workshops to help with numerous different issues/areas of concern and by working through them you are able to see things from a different perspective. I’m always going back through my worksheets to remind myself of how I felt when I worked through the workshops and it really helps. Nicola is so knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease. She really is the expert as she has experienced and overcome her own challenges in life.



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