10 Day Self Love Workshop

Self love is a term used so much these days. Everyone seems to spout about it. But, it seems to have got lost in its meaning. It isn’t just about treating yourself to a facial or some me time. It is about loving who you are! This is exactly what this 10 day workshop is designed to do. To help you begin the path to loving you. You will get an email every day with a task to help you begin working on how you feel about yourself. Giving you strategies to start accepting and loving you for who you are. To get access to this free workshop you need to subscribe to my email list. I don’t spam, I promise and you can always unsubscribe if the emails you get are not suitable for you. 

Journaling for mental health

Journaling is so therapeutic. It has helped me to become unstuck in many a difficult and dark moment. It helps with many symptoms associated with mental health. Such as anxiety, overthinking and difficulty to switch off as well as sleep issues. Getting pen to paper makes you feel like you have just unloaded and released what is on your mind, without having to find the words to say to someone. It is such a powerful tool in becoming stronger than your mind. In this free 30 day challenge I help you to work out what to write and why. Everyday, via email, you will get a prompt from me with some direction about what to write. By the end of the challenge you will have adopted a new healthy coping strategy for your mental health.  


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