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It’s Time To Take Control

In this transformative 4-day workshop I will give you the essential steps you need to start becoming stronger than your mind. Helping you to take control of your moods and emotions, allowing you to increase your mental fitness. So you can finally feel like you are going to have the impact you are destined to have in this world with your business and in your life.

Over the four days I will help you to make a start on the areas that are often holding you back the most. For many people this workshop has been life changing, for others it has enabled them to have the confidence to take the next steps in their mental fitness journey and allowed them to finally become stronger than their mind. 

Over the 4 days we will cover the following topics:


We will look at denial and your beliefs about yourself. We will explore if these beliefs you have about yourself are true. Plus we research YOU. So that you can take the first steps to accepting you.

Being you

Who are you? But more importantly how do you feel about you and what is your self worth like, which is probably none existent so let’s start looking into how we can change that.

Living in the now

How your past is affecting you, such as having one foot in the past and one foot in the now. We will look at being more focused on the now and what scars the past has left, so we can work on healing them. Also we look at victim mode, if you are in it, and more importantly how to get out of it. 

Becoming stronger than your mind

Taking action on all the lessons you have learned in the programme and top tips to take forward so you can be stronger than your mind.

The workshop is going to take an investment of you in many ways, but the main one is to invest your time!  

Because you get access to the workshop but only for 21 days.

This is not me being a prick, although I can defo be one at times. But it is me making sure you actually do the work you are committing yourself to. How often do we sign up for stuff and never actually do it? It’s always easier said than done right. But your mind will try and keep you safe and it will believe that this work is not safe for you. Because well, it is going to take looking at yourself and lets be honest, that can be scary right? But don’t worry I totally understand how to deal with your brain. So that is why I give you limited access, to make sure you actually do it. 21 days allows for a bit of procrastination and any sudden unexpected life events, like that washing pile you suddenly decided to tackle even though its been there months!

I always say I sting like a bee so that you can fly like a butterfly and me giving you limited access is just one of those ways. I will be honest with you though, even if that is tough to hear. Because in me being honest with you it will empower you to start being honest with yourself. I will also understand you on levels you probably never thought possible, again, empowering you to finally fully understand yourself. But all this will take perseverance because getting mentally fit doesn’t happen in a day, it is defo not a case of one size fits all and some unrealistic quick fix.

This workshop is no quick fix, I won’t bull shit you about that. It is the essential and beginning steps to taking control of your moods and emotions and becoming stronger than your mind. I mean don’t get me wrong some people have found it a total game changer and the workshop alone was enough for them to reach peak mental fitness. But more often then not this workshop is the start of you realising that doing this work will, and does pay off. It provides you with the evidence you need to keep persevering and working on your mental fitness with your new found skills and understanding of yourself.

The units will take approx 1 hour to complete and I recommend only doing one unit per day so not to mentally overload yourself.

Not only do you get access to the workshop and the materials. You also get support from me throughout your time in the workshop a via daily emails that you can reply to (I aim to respond within 24-72 working hours). I got you, I totally get how scary this is and the first step is already happening, you now get to decide if you keep walking forwards, stay stuck or walk backwards. I can’t force you to do either, it is all down to you. I am simply here to hold your hand along the way and help guide you forward, when and if you are ready for that. 

Ready to feel SAFE?

S tronger than your mind

A ccepted by yourself

F it, mentally

E mpowered to be emotionally independent

Not sure if this workshop is for you?

Do you know what I mean when I say, the elephant in the room? Well this workshop is for people who are ready to deal with the pink elephant in the room. The pink elephant in the room refers to the day to day symptoms of our mental illness that we try to pretend aren’t there but are constantly getting in our way and distracting us. For example; you really want to attend a network event to help connect with people and well, network of course. But you can’t face it. You are overthinking what you would wear, what you would say, what people would think about you, the fact you don’t know anyone sets your anxiety off too now. So you know what you don’t need to network, you have got this far without it right. Well this is where I call bollocks. This is you trying to ignore a pink elephant and pretending it isn’t effecting you. So if you related to that one example in any way, then this workshop is for you. You can find out more about the pink elephant and how they are showing up in your life in my blog here.

If you are ready to feel emotionally independent so you can confidently scale your business to where it deserves to be, without being controlled by your moods and emotions. Plus feel ready to finally stop existing and start living your life too, then this workshop is for you. Lets get this shit done and get on with you living and thriving in your life and business. 

What my butterflies say

The workbooks in the workshop are so perfectly written and put together. I am so glad you have created this and that I found you too.


Todays workshop material was hard. I have written loads about my past that I have just buried in my mind. The main thing linked to most of my negative thoughts is I’m unlovable/ unlikeable and I am not good enough. I have realised today thanks to this workshop that I have allowed a boy from school who bulled me for 12 years to make me believe those things. I’ve allowed him to make me feel a bad mum and that my daughter hates me. I blame myself for her issues. I just recognised today, thanks to the workshop, that I am not to blame. I am just being the best mum I can be and fighting a system to get her help. 


Joining and completing the Stronger Than Your Mind Workshop was an absolute game changer for me.

After a particularly dark 3 or so years of feeling I had completely lost myself in a world of mental and physical pain caused by deep held traumas and in turn anxiety I was finally able to see my struggles and unhelpful habits in bright clear colours and unpack all I had been battling during and even identify hurts I had been carrying for years leading up to this extremely difficult phase of my life. Through her workshop, Nicola gives you the tools to finally put your mental health first, giving extremely valuable prompts and tools to sort out the muddle that can be our minds and start rebuilding our lives and most importantly strength of character, self love and self confidence bit by bit. It is not a magic cure that hands you the answers, no it does better than that – it gifts you the strategies to help YOU find the answers. The answers you had in you all along to reclaim your life and LIVE YOUR LIFE once and for all.

If you want to break free from simply surviving life like a vulnerable caterpillar just waiting for the next predator to strike, join the workshop now and start growing your beautiful wings to become the butterfly you were always destined to be and fly free to the life you truly deserve.


I was referred to Nicola through a friend and I really wasn’t sure how or if she could do anything for what I thought was a minor issue I felt I was having with my anger and just feeling meh and down. I wanted to try and nip it in the bud before it developed and just wow! From day 1 Nicola was amazing in the way she  supported me just through general conversation and I thought again with the workshop it probably wouldn’t link to my issues as they seemed so minor but she’s  helped me see that every issue has a depth that should be explored and can help break it down and break through the other side. I didn’t realise that what I thought was a small problem stemmed from a major incident that happened 10+ years ago and in a matter of days I feel so much lighter and although I have some processing and work to do it’s been massive progress in helping me which in turn helps my son and our future. I can’t thank Nicola enough for helping me foresee a much better and happier future with my son.  


This has been so good and opened up insight into why 7 months ago my mental health took a nose dive.

Triggered by such a simple thing that happened but all those things that happened over my lifetime came rolling back.

Nicola has been a fab support and she understands because she has had things happen in her life too and has been very visible and helpful.

I would recommend this workshop and Nicola 100%.

Be prepared to experience different emotions but also you may also get clarity on things as I did.

The workshop I have found intense but in a good and effective way to get what is needed to help with your mental health and things that have been traumatic in your life.


 I am so glad I signed up to Nicola’s workshop. I’ve always struggled with feeling like I had lost myself, I’d become someone I didn’ want to be, I was starting to hate who I was and feeling out of my depth in the sea of some hugely overwhelming emotions.

I knew I was struggling with my mental health but I was feeling powerless over the choices I made about how I wated to live my life.

Going through Nicola’s workshop made me realise that my mental health struggles where a  completely separate entity and I wasn’t lost, I was just dealing with a particularly difficult time and that it was possible to figure out a way to get back in the driving seat. I know that having gone through this once I’ve just started to peel back the layers and I can revisit this again and again to help me continue to work though my challenges. I already feel lighter. Thank you so much Nicola.


Nicola Parker is amazing if you are struggling with your mental health and showing up 100% recommend this lady she has been nothing but supportive and kind to me.

Mimi Hemmings

I have enjoyed this workshop and I don’t want it to end!

The realisation for me was that I was still holding onto feelings that I had no idea I was doing. Reliving situations in my head that I had no idea.

I’ve realised that I’m in control of my feelings and that in situations the way I feel is ok…

It’s ok to take time out.

It’s ok feeling emotional and frustrated.

It’s absolutely ok to have boundaries that are healthy.

Most importantly it is ok to be me.

I could honestly go on…the love that I found for myself is just amazing and I’m not just saying this btw it’s deep seated love and respect for myself.

Nicola has saved me more than once since I’ve met her and I am so grateful.


Doing the workshop has felt strange, like a relief that I was connecting with my old self that I’d lost. I also felt a sense of forgiveness. Like I was forgiving myself for feeling like I was, but like I am ready to move forward


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