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I have something I want to tell you about hun, the ‘Get Motivated PDF’ deals with my biggest tip for your mental health and is a physical element. Now I want to bring your attention to my 2nd top tip when it comes to dealing with your mental health and is the perfect compliment to ‘Get Motivated’ PDF, it will help you to go much deeper and on a much more personal level.

How to Journal For Your Mental Health Workshop

It’s a 30 day workshop delivered directly to you inbox and here is what’s covered:

How to gain control of overthinking

How to find clarity when you feel overwhelmed

How to better understand how you work and why

How to release built up emotions and or stop feeling so numb

I help you to discover why jounraling is important and help you to learn how to jounray and what to jounral about. I also give you that much needed support along the way.

It’s a self study course delivered directly to your inbox daily. 

This is finally your time to start taking control of your moods and emotions. With the help and support of somone who has not only got the qualifications but also the experience of being in her own deepest darkest days. I’ve surived attempts of suicide and i’ve deal with my demons. Now having overcome it all I have turned my pains into my passions to help mamas just like you.