The butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect is like a movement that I have intentionally created to describe the transformation you will go through when you are pro actively supported by me.
The butterfly I have created represents;


choosing to live,

choosing to become stronger than your mind.

I do not call you my client, you are my butterfly. I think it much better represents the relationship and the growth we go on together.

There are four stages of metamorphosis (the transformational process of becoming a butterfly). I have created my own system of transformation for you to beceome stronger than your mind.

Caterpillar Stage

You feel stuck scared and possibly even suicidal. You are lost and vulnerable and have no motivation which means your personally hygiene is pretty much none existent. You have thoughts daily that are intense and frequent and scare you so much. You are full of self hatred unable to look in the mirror. You are very trigger reactive, meaning the slightest trigger can stop you in your tracks and potentially stop you for days or weeks. You have no idea about being a butterfly, all you can see is a life destined to feel small, to feel like you are simply existing and not actually living. Life happens to you and not for. You are your all time low desperate to find or see an answer that will help you to feel ok again.   You will find a services and support relevant for this stage using the button below.

Chrysalis Stage

You have discovered there are butterflies in this world, butterflies who are doing more than just existing. They are emotionally independent and in control of their moods and emotions, you look on up at them in awe. You realise you need to cocoon and you feel ready to take intentional and supportive action to become a butterfly yourself. You are sick of just existing now and want to do something about it but have no idea what or how. It scares you even thinking of dealing with why you feel all the things your feel as a caterpillar. What if it doesn’t work, or makes you worse? You want and feel like you need to stay strong for your kids. But you are not sleeping (or sleep too much), your anxiety type thoughts are crippling and stop you from being able to do basic things. You can sometimes push yourself to do things but it then totally drains you mentally and can then lead to either an outburst or period of seclusion. You can’t switch off and get confused about what reactions and behaviours are you and what is your mental illness symptoms. You often realise you are feeling numb, dissociate or start splitting and feel empty and alone. You know you need to do something now to stop feeling this way and are actively looking for the right support for you.

Butterfly Stage

You are now ready to take intentional action to cocoon. You feel scared but determined to be  stronger and feel SAFE. You feel inconsistent in the things you currently do and have set backs which really affects you. You are also scared of your triggers and still have sleep issues although they are not as bad as before now thanks to some of the work you have already done on yourself or with me. But you still find yourself splitting, feeling numb, feeling pathetic and weak for even needing to do any of the work in the first place. You are also feeling rather impatient now and just want to feel SAFE now. Your motivation waivers from time to time. You are self sabotaging because all you have known for so long is being so comfortable in your uncomfortable comfort zone and require supportive action to help you with your continuing intrusive thoughts, but they are no less frequent and intense than before. You are ready and willing to open up and do whatever it takes with the help and support you are desperate to feel emotionally independent and are starting to make goals you want to achieve.

Forever Butterfly Stage

You feel supported and self empowered. You have improved self belief but are well aware it will take continuous work and you are actively seeking a supportive place where you can do that. Sometimes you struggle with set backs due to triggers or a lapse in your boundaries and want to improve these and go even deeper with them. You have discovered things you hadn’t realised where an issue for you are suddenly coming to the service and need some support to deal with these. You have control of your thoughts and feelings but if you allow your daily tasks to slide and fall of the wagon this can be an issue. So you need continuous support and accountability to stay on track.

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