It’s an ugly truth but one I am going to share none the less…. So if you are easily offended you may want to close this now.

A big part of depression

Lack of self care is a big part of depression. It’s not a pretty sight I tell you. But it’s one of the common signs of depression. A change in your self care or a change in your usual day to day personal hygiene is often one of the first symptoms of depression.

When I am in the deepest depths of my depression my personal hygiene goes right out the window. Jeez I hardly want to live so why an earth do I feel the need to clean? I mean it’s not like I’ll be going out anyway. I have gone several weeks before now where the furtherest I’ve got is to my sofa and that is a big achievement let me tell you.

There’s all these tell tale signs for us and for those around us, that let us know depression is knocking at our door. When we realise we haven’t had a wash or brushed our hair or took pride in appearance it’s often coupled with spiralling into a low point. Also lack of appetite and equally an increased appetite plus lack of sleep are just a few of the signs that your suffering with depression.

But guess what?

It’s ok. It is ok if you don’t wash for a week or two. It won’t harm you. It is ok if the furthest you make it is to your sofa for now. It is ok if you need to cry the days out. It is ok to just let you, be you. You wouldn’t ridicule yourself if you was laid up with a bad bout of flu. So, don’t be so hard on yourself now either. Depression strips you of so much, don’t let it strip you of the need and ability to take some time out. It isn’t pretty and it probably doesn’t smell too great either. But it is what it is. You will get through this, I know it doesn’t seem like it right now, but you will I promise you. But I will also promise you that it might not be the only time you find yourself in this position. In my experience both personally and in practise, depression comes and goes in waves. You may be free of it for months and are even years and then it suddenly hits you from no where again. But that is what people like me are here for. I help women who struggle with their mental health to give you the  tools and strategies to take control of your moods and emotions. All these tools will help you when you are in a depressive state to 1 get out of it and 2 for it not to be such a low state and not such a struggle.

The moral of the story

Be smelly because some days being smelly is the best thing you can do. Who gives a flying pig how you smell or look. Embrace your inner zombie and focus on breathing and getting through the next minute, hour and day. Reach out to loved ones, speak to them if you can. Exercise and journalling are two of my top tips from when you are in the depths of depression. You can find help on both in my mental health support group on facebook, join using the button below.

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