Worth the wait

Ready to…


Feel confident within your own skin.

Feel in control of your moods.

Be confident in your ability to control your emotions – no matter what your facing.

Feel empowered everyday.

Feel strong mentally & physically.

This is the one, this is the end of your trolling through the internet endlessly searching in groups.

No more posting in those mental health facebook groups asking the same never ending questions and getting the same unhelpful answers.

No more begging you’r Dr to do more for you than just throw pills at you.

No more waiting endlessly on a therapists waiting list, only to still be left struggling with your day to day symptoms.

In the stronger than your mind academy not only are you part of a strong, supportive, non judgemental and like minded community. But you are in the safe hands of me, a mental health practitioner who not only has the academic skills but, I have also the personal experience too of having depression, anxiety and borderline/emotionally unstable personality disorder.

PLUS I don’t just use one treatment basis within my academy, because let’s face it mental health isn’t a case of one size fits all. Something that will help your anxiety won’t necessarily help your depression.

I combine a range of therapies such as my traditional counselling techniques, and my physical personal training qualifications helping you to utilise one of the most under utilised antidepressants there has ever been!

Because regaining control of your mental health is a holistic approach that takes time, support, guidance and understanding. That is exactly what the Stronger Than Your Mind Academy gives you.