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stop being scared about how your mental health will impact your children?

Feel in control of your moods? 

Be confident in your ability to control your emotions – no matter what you’re facing.

stop just exisitng and start living again

Feel stronger than your mind and stop feeling like a burden to all those around you?

This is the one, this is the end of you trolling through the internet endlessly searching in for someone who gets you and who can properly support you.

No more posting in those mental health groups on social media asking the same never ending questions and getting the same unhelpful answers.

No more begging your Dr to do more for you, only for them to just just throw pills at you.

No more sitting forever on a therapists waiting list, only to be told to take a bath, go for walk or drink a cup of tea. 

In my stronger than your mind academy not only are you part of a strong, supportive, non judgemental and like minded community. But you are in the safe hands of me, a mental health practitioner. Not only do I have the academic skills, I also have lived and breathed mental illness myself. I have had post natal depression in 2 of my 4 pregnancies, I have complex PTSD, co morbid depression as well as Borderline Personality Disorder aka Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder.

I don’t just talk the talk I walk the walk too. What I use has not only helped me but it has helped so many other mamas just like you. It has helped them to realise that they can beat the demons within in their mind. They can overcome challenges that used to feel impossible, for example:

– One of my clients felt so lost like no one understood her at all. Because of this her boundaries where none existent and she was getting treated badly by so many around her that this left her feeling so depressed, alone and struggling to deal with her emotional outbursts. But with my help, I helped her to see that she deserved to put up boundaries, she deserved to be treated with respect, she deserved to feel understood. She went on to take control of this, she no longer allows other people to affect her moods and emotions. She feels more understood than ever before and now has the tools to help other people to understand her better too.

– Another mama I helped was crippled by her anxiety in so many ways. One of the ways her anxiety was controlling is that she felt like the everyday task of driving the car alone was just too much and certainly not to anywhere she had never driven before. I will always remember the day she told me she had driven to somewhere new on her own and how amazing and how strong she felt for accomplishing it.


This is the sort of work that literally changes your life. Imagine if you finally felt like you had control? Imagine if you finally felt confident and strong to face all the things that right now feel so impossible to you?

I combine a range of therapies, such as my person centred counselling techniques, and also physical therapies, I am a qualified personal trainer and I will help you see not only why exercise is beneficial for your mental health but I will also help you to get motivated to do it too.  Of course along the way, my own personal experiences are drafted in too to help you to over come the things trapping you. The sort of things we often too afraid to even speak to our therapist about so never do. Well I get them too, so I cover them without you having to bring them up first. Because I have been where you are. I get how dark and scary those intrusive thoughts can be. I will stop you from just existing and help you to finally start living again. A confident life, where you feel in control and no longer fear how you are impacting your children.  

In the Stronger Than Your Mind Academy I provide you with the tools and strategies that you need in order to gain control of your moods and emotions. 

You will be free from the prison your mind has kept you in for far too long now.

You will learn not only to accept yourself but also understand yourself on a level you haven’t even realised exists yet.

You will learn to see that you are worthy of love not only from others but from yourself too.

You will learn that your validation is good enough for you and stop desperately needing it from others. 

You will learn how to become the real authentic you. Right now you are caterpillar crawling on the floor looking up at others in awe of how free, confident and in control they are. Yet all the while not realising that you are more than capable of flying high and free just like all the other butterflies. The Stronger Than Your Mind Academy gives you the tools to cocoon yourself and support yourself allowing you to become the butterfly you are. Confident, happy and free. This is why I refer to my Academy members as my butterflies and this is how I turn you into the most beautiful butterfly you have always been destined to be:

The Stronger Than Your Mind Academy is a five stage process. 


1. Accepting My Mind


  • Struggling to find that off switch
  • Know your mental health isn’t right.
  • No control over your mind.
  • Worrying how your moods are going to affect your children.
  • Personal hygiene has become a thing of the past, never mind self care.
  • Feel alone and want to be part of a reassuring like minded community.
  • Desperate to feel confident, worthy and to be in control of your mind.

Action Steps – Created avatar & affirmations.

Milestone I’m accepting of who I am & how I feel about myself. Plus I now know how I want to improve to feel confident & in control.

2. Understanding My Mind


  • You don’t want to just ‘exist’ anymore.
  • Tired of feeling low all the time & putting so much pressure on yourself.
  • Want your own validation to be good enough.
  • Time to recognise unwanted and unhelpful thought patterns. To be aware of your warning signs.
  • Learning how to understand and react to your thoughts and emotions.
  • begun to accept who you are and maybe even past trauma. But are left feeling angry, hurt and overwhelmed by it all.
  • You want to learn why you have intrusive thoughts and how to stop them.

Action steps – Completed signs & reactions workbook. Done my intrusive thoughts statement.

Milestone – I have learned my warning signs & understand my reactions. I also understand my intrusive thoughts.

3. Reset My Mind


  • No longer in denial or confusion about who you are and how you behave.
  • You know your triggers but now want to stop them controlling you.
  • More self-aware now but want to improve how you speak to yourself more.
  • are more open with those around you now, but want to build on making these relationships more stable.
  • recognise where boundaries need to be drawn but struggle implementing them.
  • Feel out of depth knowing there is a lot to change now you’re ready to live life for you. But how and where do you make those changes?

Action steps – Completed mood key & Shared it inside the members area too.

Milestone – Feeling confident & ready to live life knowing what changes i need to implement.

4. Conditioning My Mind


  • You’ve built up a wealth of tools and stratergies to help with your mental health.
  • but Now you lack consistency
  • Feeling like you have took 10 steps back or got knocked over when you where doing so well.
  • Recognising that you only use the tools after a trigger or you are struggling.
  • You want to work more to use them before or to prevent triggers and set backs.
  • You want to go deeper with your new found self worth you now want to love who you are not just appreciate it and accept it.
  • Feel ready to create a daily routine to help you consistently stay in control of your moods and emotions.,

Action steps – I have a daily/weekly routine of action steps.

Milestone – I feel confident & in control of set backs. I love who I am and am confident about my future.

5. Stronger Than My Mind


  • Feeling confident about your future and recognise how far you have come.
  • Recognise that working on yourself consistently is crucial to achieve mental stability.
  • You carry yourself with your head held high, confident in who you are.
  • You want to continue to build on the foundations you’ve laid knowing your new strength and worth.
  • You are in control of your moods & emotions ready to keep working on the foundations and digging deeper each time.

Action steps – monthly review & dig deeper to maintain control.

Milestone – I am confident and loving living life. I am in control of my moods and emotions.

The Stronger Than Your Mind Academy

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