If you didn’t know, one of the reasons I call myself a mental FITNESS mentor, is because not only am I qualifed in the mind and therapy. But I am also a qualified personal trainer too. 

I trained as a personal trainer after I discovered during my sever mental breakdown, that when I moved, for my mood it was the only way I could turn down the noise in my head. 

Exercise is a powerful tool in combating mental illnesses. It is one of the most under utilised anti depressants there is!

If you are struggling to feel motiaved then, don’t worry. I totally get it and this is why I have created a workbook to help you to get motivated. If you are ready to go then enjoy the workouts that you will find them below too. 

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I have created a SAFE supportive community of understanding, acceptance and where no judgements are given. All working together with one goal in mind, to get more mentally fit so that you can feel stronger than your mind. I would love for you to join us there.


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