If you want to find out which workbook is right for you for where you are at right now then take a look at the butterfly effect where you will discover the four stages of becoming a butterfly and all the related workbooks and workshops for each of the stages. 

I am so glad I signed up to Nicola’s workshop. I’ve always struggled with feeling like I had lost myself, I’d become someone I didn’t want to be, I was starting to hate who I was and feeling out of my depth in the sea of some hugely overwhelming emotions.

I knew I was struggling with my mental health but I was feeling powerless over the choices I made about how I wated to live my life.

Going through Nicola’s workshop made me realise that my mental health struggles where a  completely separate entity and I wasn’t lost, I was just dealing with a particularly difficult time and that it was possible to figure out a way to get back in the driving seat. I know that having gone through this once I’ve just started to peel back the layers and I can revisit this again and again to help me continue to work though my challenges. I already feel lighter. Thank you so much Nicola .


I joined Nicola’s workshop in February because I was ready to acknowledge my mental health and really challenge it. I have always suffered with mental health and more recently have been quite open about it. When I connected with Nicola on social media it was almost magnetic and I knew I wanted to do her workshop. It was money well spent! The workbooks and tasks really enabled me to dig deep and get some answers – something I really need as a person. She made me feel so at ease and not once did I feel any form of judgement. I since joined as a butterfly (in the Stronger Than Your Mind Academy) and although I am yet to apply myself to the work in there, I know it is there when I am ready and I know it will be just what I need. Thanks Nic for being so honest, encouraging and warm. I appreciate you.  


I was referred to Nicola through a friend and I really wasn’t sure how or if she could do anything for what I thought was a minor issue I felt I was having with my anger and just feeling meh and down. I wanted to try and nip it in the bud before it developed and just wow! From day 1 Nicola was amazing in the way she supported me just through general conversation and I thought again with the workshop it probably wouldn’t link to my issues as they seemed so minor but she’s helped me see that every issue has a depth that should be explored and can help break it down and break through the other side. I didn’t realise that what I would was such a small problem stemmed from a major incident that happened 10+ years ago and in a matter of days I feel so much lighter and although I have some processing and worked to do it’s been massive progress in helping me which in turn helps my son and our future. I can’t thank Nicola enough for helping me foresee a much better and happier future with my son.   


Mental Fitness Mentor

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